Creating Boring Logs

HoleBASE SI log production is the fastest on the market today.  The speed combined with the flexibility of Log Reports, Quick Logs and Template Studio gives you the ultimate log production tool.

Fast Boring Logs – Bulk PDFs and Printing

When the time comes to issue your draft or final logs you want a fast method that create a single PDF file or print run.

HoleBASE SI takes care of this for you.  Select the locations and the set of templates to use and HoleBASE SI will print them all to PDF or the printer in a single operation.

HoleBASE SI allows you to create your reports quickly with no need to stitch PDFs files together or buy external PDF print drivers.

You can even ask HoleBASE SI to print each location on more than one template, giving you the option to include header or installation sheets easily within your report.

Inline Editing of Data

Making edits to your logs can require several print outs or PDF files with corrections marked on.  This round tripping process can slow the review down and introduce errors.

HoleBASE SI allows you to see the updates to logs in seconds without leaving your edit screens.  This quick log can be docked to a side window or second monitor making it easy to edit and update the logs without having excessive mouse clicks.

Inline editing of data makes the reviewing process interactive and will enable you to review your draft and final logs easier and reduce errors.

Easy to design (but powerful) templates

We know that the layout of your boring log is important to you. With our competitors, changing the way a log looks can require a long training course or even a PhD.

HoleBASE SI comes with a number of standard logs that you can use straight out of the box, many more designs can be downloaded from our Keynetix Assist website free of charge.

If you want to reproduce your existing log design then you can  use, our drag and drop style, Template Studio application to either modify the default logs or create your own from a blank price of paper.

HoleBASE SI’s powerful template options allow you to get a faster return on investment by using the default logs or quickly creating your own designs.

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