Data Analysis

HoleBASE SI gives you an interactive Site Investigation Report.  Learn how to ask questions and HoleBASE SI can highlight the answers for you.

Filtering and grouping

Identifying and creating a subset of your data can be a complex operation with multiple steps for your team to follow.  These steps often need to be repeated when new data arrives.

HoleBASE SI allows you to create groups of locations based on their physical location or any property within the log.

This powerful data grouping and extensive filtering options on each grid makes finding your data easier than using the filter options in Excel.

You can even save your searches and rerun them when new data is added.

With limitless options on data grouping and filtering you will gain a better understanding of each group or phase of your site investigation.

Report views

If it takes you longer than 2 minutes to produce an executive summary from your site investigation data then you are going to love the report view feature in HoleBASE SI

HoleBASE SI comes with a number of predefined data views that display summary data from one or more data tables in HoleBASE SI.

Each view supports all the powerful filtering and grouping options outlined above and can also be used to locate invalid data.

There are new data views added to Keynetix Assist every month so if you need a specific report view just let us know and we will add it for you.

Report views are a powerful way to get to understand your data. Once you have used them you will find they are the first thing you will look at when you have new data.


Sometimes filters need to be based on ranges and specific values.

To make this easy to analyse and visualize, HoleBASE SI includes Trigger functionality that allows you to define additional columns in your grids that contain colours and text based on the contents of one or more other columns.

Each Trigger can then be used as a filter in a saved search to enable you to quickly locate areas of your site than require further analysis.

Trigger Sets can be set up for a single project or made available to multiple projects and will change the way you find areas of concern on your site, whether they are soft ground conditions, contamination exceedances or anything else.


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