Entering Data

Data Entry is one area where large efficiency gains can usually be made.  HoleBASE SI comes with numerous features to help you maximize these gains.

Comprehensive Importing

A lot of time and money is wasted by re-entering data.

Even worse, the QA time requirements to ensure errors have not been introduced are often overlooked.

HoleBASE SI is built on the two golden rules of data entry;

  1. Only do it once
  2. Get someone else to do it

If you have data already in another system, HoleBASE SI can import it through one of the native importers or via Excel so you don’t have to retype data you already have!

This is why it has one of the most comprehensive import options available including; gINT, CSV, AGS 3.1, AGS 4, DIGGS, KeyLogbook, pLog and GeoDASY

Flexible Data Entry profiles

Too many options on data entry screens can make the data entry learning curve complicated and slow down the data entry process.

If you are producing logs then you need this process to be efficient. HoleBASE SI allows you to set up wizard style, step by step, data entry profiles to enter the data in the way that suits your organisation the best.

There is no limit to the number of profiles you can set up and no limit on the number of steps in each profile.

With extensive default options for each step you can fine tune your data entry process to ensure the process has maximum efficiency and minimal learning curve.  With data entry profiles, you can introduce new staff to entering data into HoleBASE SI in under 30 mins.

These features are also available in the Data Entry Module standalone licence.

Compatible with site based tools

If you are logging your data onsite you will already know the time benefits this offers.

If the data is difficult to transfer from your device to your software then some of the benefit will be lost.

We work closely with the providers of the leading onsite logging tools for engineers and drillers to ensure your data transfer is smooth .

The result is that importing data from pLog and KeyLogbook is easy .  Just select the file or project and press import.

Combining the flexibility of HoleBASE SI with the efficiency gains that can be made with onsite logging tools will ensure you maximize your onsite hardware investments.

Log Preview

They say a picture tells a 1000 words. This is probably why we produce logs rather than tables of data for our client.

However engineers are commonly left with tables of data to review instead as the graphical logs take too long to produce.

HoleBASE SI solves this problem.  It has a log preview option built into the main interface and the data entry modules available to use at any time.

This preview allows you to view the current hole log in just a few seconds, and then update it as you edit the data with a single press of a button.

The log preview options in HoleBASE SI gives your data entry staff confidence in their data entry and will enable easy and quick reviews of the data at the end of the data entry process.

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