Features Comparison

The table below shows the different features available within the various different HoleBASE SI products.

Feature Description HoleBASE SI Versions
Data Entry Standard Professional Template Studio
Data Storage Centralised database (Microsoft SQL Server) * *
Multiple project support
Data Entry Data entry via data entry profiles
Graphical log preview
Integrated data validation and spell checking
Data editing via main tabular interface
Create fully customised data entry profiles
Data Import AGS 3.1, AGS 4
CSV (Excel)
Data Export AGS 3.1, AGS 4
CSV (Excel)
Borehole Templates (Reporting) Quick log preview
Print logs
Support boring logs, summary sheets and charts
Text, graphics, image and logo support
Import log templates
Modify log, section, site plan and chart templates
Sections Preview and print sections
Mapping System level mapping (Project Locations)
Project level mapping (Borehole Locations)
Import CAD and SHP files
Simple spatial analysis and dot plot overlays
Generate and print site plans
Connect to 3rd party Web Mapping Services (WMS)
External Application Excel Extension *E
AutoCAD Civil 3D Extension *A *A
Data mining Table Filtering / Ordering / Grouping
Data reporting views
Manage location groups and saved searches
Manage and create trigger sets
Customisation Manage the data model (create groups and headers)
Pick list and abbreviations management
Excel style expression syntax and calculated fields
Configuration pack management
Document management Link attachments
Import and export attachments
Report library
Security User Access Management
Licencing Machine locked Licencing available
Cross location network licences available

*E – Available with HoleBASE SI Extension for Microsoft Excel licence

*A – Available with HoleBASE SI Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D licence

* Microsoft SQL Server Express included free – licences for full versions of Microsoft SQL Server are not included


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