Site Plans and Sections

Quick and easy site plans and section generation can transform what your engineering team can do and significantly increase their engineering knowledge of a site.

Site plans

Producing location and site plans are an important part of your site investigation report. However they can take far too long to complete, especially if you need to involve your CAD staff.

HoleBASE SI Professional’s built in mapping interface allows you to produce site plans to PDF in seconds.

Each site plan template can be fully customised and any of the GIS datasets, aerial photography, CAD or SHP files that you have displayed can be included in the reports.

By using the aerial photography and background mapping layers from Bing, the BGS and other international data providers, it won’t be long before you are using HoleBASE SI to assist you with your phase 1 desk study and site investigation planning reducing your dependence on the GIS and CAD teams.

Quick Sections

The more Sections you draw the better your understanding of the site will be.  If you could draw a subsequent Section in 20 seconds how many more could you produce?

HoleBASE SI Professional comes with a Quick Section feature.  Simply draw the section line on the site plan and select what you would like to be displayed alongside your strips.  HoleBASE SI will do the rest for you in under 10 seconds.

Any log strip that can be designed in Template Studio can be included on a section and options allow you to quickly see all your boring strips next to each other.

HoleBASE SI Professional Quick sections allow your site investigation to become an interactive section generation tool.

The speed and ease of use of the quick Section features will ensure you are able to understand your site better in less time.

Hot Spots and GIS

If you involve GIS staff or software in your report production you will know that this can cause delays, depending on staff availability.

HoleBASE SI Professional allows you to create saved searches based on any parameter and display the location of the data on a layer on the map.   The Colors, styles, labels and tooltips for each Saved Search Layer can be configured by the user and included on a dynamic legend on the site plan PDF file.

HoleBASE SI Professional brings simple GIS Spatial representation back into the hands of the geotechnical engineer and turns a report production technique into a powerful thinking tool for Engineers to dynamically report and analyise their data.

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