Free AGS Data Checker

If you are sending or receiving AGS data it is vital that you check it contains no errors.  Checking files by hand is impossible so the AGS Data Checker included in Free and Professional versions of KeyAGS is an essential tool.

Checking for Format Errors

The AGS publication contains a number of format rules that govern general syntax and the order of the data rows and groups within an AGS file.  Checking the format of the file by hand can take hours and is prone to error.

KeyAGS checks your data files against each one of the 23 format rules to make sure that every line of data abides by them. Lines that break any of the rules are flagged with an error description and line number in the user interface and in a log file.

Providing a KeyAGS error log file to your clients together with your AGS data will give them confidence that you have provided quality data to them and that you understand the importance of checking the AGS data before sending it them.

Checking for Integrity Errors

Once your files have passed the format error check you need to ensure that all references groups and hierarchical links are correct.

KeyAGS checks that all the references tables (DICT,UNIT,etc) are used and that the data in child tables correctly reference the parent data within the submission.

KeyAGS conducts data checks across all files in a submission and reports findings to you or your client, enabling you to find issues in the data within seconds.

Fixing Errors

If you find errors in your file it is vital you fix them.  Some will be quick to identify while others may need several lines of data changing.

KeyAGS includes an orphan repair tool that will assist in the repairing of laboratory tests results that do not correctly reference your samples.

It will also help you fix other data hierarchy errors. An appendix in the KeyAGS user guide details every problem that KeyAGS reports and a brief guide to how in may have occurred and what to do resolve it.

KeyAGS gives you the knowledge, confidence and the tools required to fix errors in AGS data you receive allowing you to make the most of the data without having to wait for the supplier to fix and resupply the data.

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