Creating AGS data

If you do not have an AGS compatible Site Investigation program then KeyAGS Professional will enable you to create AGS data from Excel spreadsheets.  This tool can be used for converting historical data or fixing problems in current data.

Create AGS from Workbooks

Excel cannot create AGS data file format using the standard options in the program.

So if you want to create reliable, error free, AGS data from Excel you will need to write your own macro or use KeyAGS Professional. KeyAGS Professional has a simple to use conversion tool that allows you to create AGS data from any worksheets in one or more Excel workbooks.

It uses a set of simple rules to determine which groups to export from each worksheet allowing you to set up input sheets that ensure you are not duplicating any data entry.

With KeyAGS Professional you will be able to create AGS data from any data source that can be imported into Excel, i.e. in-house databases, text files or historical spreadsheets.

Data Integrity and Customization

Ensuring that each reference and new heading used in your data has been correctly referenced in the reference groups in AGS can be time consuming and prone to error.

KeyAGS will create all the reference groups for you and include only the references you have used in your file in each group.

KeyAGS also comes with a full AGS Administrator that allows you to add new reference values, headings or groups so you can comply with any client specific requests.

KeyAGS will check that all references are valid once it has created the file.  Giving you confidence that the data you submit will pass all AGS checker tests.

Converting Historical Data

Laboratories often have to produce AGS data for testing already completed and reported using Excel spreadsheets.

This task can be very time consuming if not approached correctly.

Using the tools in KeyAGS, the time taken to complete historical conversion can be reduced to just 10% of the time taken to manually convert this data.

If you are reviewing historic data we urge you to contact us at Keynetix so we can talk you through the options.

We can often advise on data techniques that will reduce your conversion workload at the start or end of a project.

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