Reviewing AGS data

KeyAGS has several tools that allow you to very quickly review the data, import into Microsoft Excel® or review the data’s statistics.  All reviewing options are included in the Free and Professional version of KeyAGS.

Data Statistics

What data is included in your AGS file is the first thing you want to know but importing it in Excel can give you too much information and notepad just gives you a headache.

The data statistics view in KeyAGS allows you to quickly see how much data is contained within each group within your submission.

It allows you to drill down into the data to see the range and distribution of values for each field. Just using this one tool in KeyAGS gives you a great overview of your AGS data file.

Whether you are checking the number and depth of the holes or looking at the overview of geological conditions, loading your AGS data into the KeyAGS Data Statistics viewer is one of the first items you will want to do when reviewing your AGS data.

Data Viewer

As part of your review process you will want to review the actual data in an easy to view grid style interface.

The Data viewer in KeyAGS allows you to see data in an interactive tree diagram that allows you to drill down on a group or location basis.

In KeyAGS Professional the data view is also editable allowing you to make small changes and save the changes.

The Data Viewer in KeyAGS allows you to easily review your data in an easy to use and understand environment.

It is an ideal starting point before you import your data into Excel or HoleBASE SI for a full review.

Excel Import

Most Engineers will use Excel to do a review of any data.  However an AGS file does not easily import into a workbook using the standard options in Excel.

KeyAGS includes an Excel importer that is simple to use and allows you to filter the data by AGS group and Location ID.

It also includes many import options that help you understand the meaning of the headers and prepare the data for editing and export back to an AGS file if required.

By importing AGS data into Excel you will have access to a powerful review and editing tool for AGS data.  The Excel import is available in the Free and Professional versions of KeyAGS.

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