KeyLAB Professional

Flexible Geotechnical Laboratory Management

KeyLAB is the leading laboratory management system built specifically for geotechnical and construction laboratories.

KeyLAB’s clever integration with Microsoft Excel allows you to easily customize worksheets and reports whilst staying in complete control of your laboratory data. This unique integration allows you to quickly implement the system and reduce the learning curve for all staff.

Quickly get started for a new laboratory or adapt the workbooks you are already using. Test definitions and example workbooks can be downloaded allowing you to quickly get started or adapt the workbooks you are already using, enabling you to expand the system to accommodate all your testing needs.


Laboratory Management

• Sample and storeroom management
• Equipment and calibration management
• Assignment of staff against each test
• Version control on worksheets and reports
• Password locked spreadsheets


• Interactive scheduling interface
• Support for client scheduling via AGS4
• Integration with HoleBASE SI
• Export of Schedules in Excel format
• Split schedules for sub contracted testing


• Automatic production of worksheets
• Staff test assignment for large laboratories
• Automatic record of tester and checker
• Progress reports for lab management
• All testing done using Excel workbooks


• Import and export AGS3.1 and AGS4
• Import and export Excel and PDF
• Testing certificate support
• Testing summary table support
• Management reports for workloads


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  • When using KeyLAB, laboratory processing was reduced by around 60%, representing a saving of £500 for a single project. Over the year, this equates to a return on initial investment of around 200%.

    Ben Armstrong, GROUND TECHNOLOGY