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Client Scheduling

The test schedule is the heart of each laboratory testing request. KeyLAB includes many features that increases the power of schedules and significantly reduces the effort in managing them.

Schedule Overview

Your laboratory will have many schedules running at the same time and keeping track of what tests still need completing for each client is difficult and often involves lots of wall space or folders.

KeyLAB allows you to see the progress of each schedule against its due date on a single window within the system.

It also allows you to drill down in to each schedule and see the progress of each test within it quickly.  You can group schedules by Job or Clients to give you a summary of the whole job.

Keeping track of multiple schedules is easy with KeyLAB. It allows you to report back to your clients and have any progress information to hand quickly when updating your clients.

Electronic Scheduling

Entering sample information and setting up schedules can take up valuable resources within your laboratory.  That’s why many laboratories are now passing this responsibility back to the client.

If you client uses HoleBASE SI then you can send them your KeyLAB Setup file to allow them to create AGS schedules that can be imported directly into KeyLAB.

Your other clients can use an Excel Spreadsheet schedule system that only requires Excel.  Either way, you will be able to import their project, sample and test requests and print the test worksheets off within minutes of receiving their requests.

Electronic scheduling will dramatically reduce the number of data entry staff you require at the start of a job.  By embedding the testing requests into the system you will also cut down on the number of questions you need the client to answer before you can start the testing.

Progress Reporting

A visual report can help the laboratory manager or client see how work is progressing with a schedule or client, but time to produce these reports often restrict their production.

KeyLAB includes a Schedule reporting feature that allows you to export a schedule to an Excel report within a few seconds.

Schedule reporting will assist the laboratory manager to visually see the progress of each schedule and will keep your client’s confidence high that work is progressing as planned.

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