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Data Entry and Reporting

Data Entry is the most time consuming aspects of the laboratory reporting process. KeyLAB’s unique approach allows you to design your own system to make data entry as easy and intuitive as it can be.

Unique system based on Excel (green boxes)

If your entry system is different for each test, or not obvious then it can be difficult to train laboratory staff to enter data and the burden is often passed to the laboratory manager.

Because KeyLAB uses an Excel spreadsheet interface to enter data, the data entry sheets are identical to the worksheets that the staff complete while running the test.

Each data entry box on the spreadsheet is (by default) coloured green so it is easy to see what data entry is needed.

By using a system that reflects the laboratory worksheets the data entry training for KeyLAB is reduced to “fill in the green boxes”.

As all the tests work using the same method this means that your data entry workforce can expand quickly if needed.

Worksheet design

Changes to any system within a laboratory can cause disruption and require additional training to testing staff.  Your output from the laboratory also needs to be consistent with your company report design.

KeyLAB comes with a sheet designer that allows you to incorporate any worksheets or report spreadsheets you have already or make changes to the supplied British Standard or ASTM sheets.

As KeyLAB input and report sheets are Excel spreadsheets then the learning curve for making modifications and creating new tests, worksheets or reports is significantly less than you may think.

The standard sheets that are shipped with KeyLAB are ideal for any new laboratory using ASTM or BS methods. If you already have worksheets and processes in place then you can incorporate these into the system so that your clients and staff see your standard reports and input sheets.

Multiple Report Styles

Changing the output report style to match the client’s needs can be time consuming and involve excessive cut and pasting. KeyLAB offers ways to represent the same data on different reports.

You can produce a test certificate for the test or you can combine tests and samples within a summary table.  There is no limit to the number of reports the data can be included on and no rekeying of any data to do so.

The flexible ways in which KeyLAB can report ensures that you can present the data to your clients’ exact requirements and remove all the current cut and pasting, retyping of data and transcript errors.

Importing from data loggers

If you are using data logger software within your laboratory then you may have experienced frustration with the lack of flexibility to make their reports match your corporate style.

KeyLAB comes with a data logger importer tool that allows you to import data from the leading manufacturers of data logger equipment.

Simply export the data from the data logger software and import it into your test sheet immediately.

The import format is an open format so it is possible for you to write your own importers for other specialist equipment you may be using.

Data logger software is good at logging the data from your test but often lacks the ability to change the reporting format.

With KeyLAB you can now have the best of both worlds; great logging software and great management and reporting software without data re-entry.

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