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Laboratory Management

Managing a laboratory is more than just managing the testing schedules.  That’s why KeyLAB comes with comprehensive tools to allow you to manage your staff, equipment and your boss!


If you employ more than 10 people in your laboratory it can be difficult to track who is doing what and when they did it, or when they meant to do it!

Each member of the team can have a login to KeyLAB and can have tests assigned to them for completion.

When they login they will only see the tests that are assigned to them which makes their KeyLAB experience clean and simple.

As they complete each test the system records the data and time of each test action so the laboratory manager can reassign work if bottlenecks appear in the laboratory process.

There is no limit to the number of logins you are allowed within KeyLAB so the system will grow with your laboratory.

Managing large teams of testers using KeyLAB will ensure that you are fully utilizing each member of your team or able to address productivity issues as they arise.

Equipment Calibration

Knowing when your equipment is due for calibration is a vital part of the laboratory QA process.  Without correct calibration the results may be invalid.

The Equipment Manager in KeyLAB will keep track of all items of equipment and notify the QA manager when they are due for calibration.

It also tracks any calibration constants or curves that are recorded during the calibration process and allows the current values to be selected from any laboratory test worksheet.

Managing your equipment in KeyLAB will ensure that the selected equipment is always in calibration for each test you conduct and save which item of equipment was used for each test.

These features will help with any accreditation you currently apply for.

Management reports

Keeping the senior management team updated with capacity and laboratory productivity can be difficult if you need to compile the data each time the management request it.

KeyLAB allows you to create reports that display the number of tests that are waiting, in progress, awaiting approval, or ready for the client across any selected projects.

Each output report can be customized to include tables or charts illustrating the current workload of the laboratory and can be produced in a few minutes. The system also includes Invoice features that allow you to export invoice data for your accounts team.

KeyLAB allows the laboratory manager and the senior management team to review the historic, current or future workloads within a few minutes.

Senior management love this feature and laboratory managers will have more time to manage the laboratory rather than the numbers.

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