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Operational Management

The laboratory manager must manage several aspects of the laboratory and KeyLAB has many features designed to help out with the day to day running and the forward planning for workloads in your laboratory.

Test management

Knowing what to test next and who is available to test it can be a juggling game for any lab manager.

KeyLAB allows you to set start dates and due dates to each test in the system and assign them to a member of the test team.

The testing interface then allows you to order every test in your laboratory by any of these fields to help you identify the most urgent work and the team member with the greatest availability.

The Test management interface in KeyLAB will allow you to quickly get an overview of workloads and deadlines in your laboratory across all your active projects.

These features will help you avoid embarrassing project overruns and reduce the stress of managing multiple projects at the same time.


Producing reports for clients can be prone to error and time consuming especially if you are running a system based on individual spreadsheets.

KeyLAB can report individual tests, groups of test types or the whole schedule or project using the reporting and batch reporting processes.

It will take care of your figure numbers, page numbers and date stamps for you as you print and keep a log of what tests were included in each report number.

Production of reports to PDF or paper is easy with KeyLAB’s batch printing options. Combining the ease of use with the options for customizing your reporting requirements will transform the way you produce your final reports from your laboratory.


AGS data is a vital delivery for projects in UK, NZ, Australia and many international projects.  If your system is not AGS compatible then this requirement will add significant time to the end of your testing and impact profit margins.

KeyLAB comes complete with full AGS 3.1 and AGS 4 compatibility so no matter which version you are supporting for each project your system is the same.  You can export data based on test status, samples and schedules, ensuring you can keep your client updated with their approved test data at regular intervals.

If the delivery of laboratory test data in AGS data is a requirement of your project then the KeyLAB return on investment will be even greater.  Production of AGS data for medium or large projects can turn a profitable testing project into a financial loss without an AGS compatible system such as KeyLAB.

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