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Sample Management

Keeping track of your client’s samples and ensuring you report using their sample references is vital and can be the make or break aspect of any ongoing relationship.  KeyLAB’s sample management features will help you do this.

Storeroom management

Knowing where to find your samples is vital.  Losing a sample in a large storeroom can have devastating consequences for your ongoing client relationship.

Storeroom locations can be set up in KeyLAB and samples can be assigned to them on check in or as they move around the laboratory.  Each location can then be queried for an inventory check and each sample’s location can be printed on the worksheet to aid the storeroom manager locate the samples for testing.

KeyLAB’s powerful storeroom management system will allow you to keep track of where your samples are and enable you to efficiently run your storage space whilst not losing track of where your samples are.

Client Sample References

When reporting data back to your client it is vital that you use all their client references.   Failure to report all the references will result in the data being returned to you and requiring you to manually fix the data at the end of the project.

KeyLAB allows you to store many client reference fields for each sample and allows you to reduce transcription errors by importing your client’s sample details from an AGS or Excel file.

This is vital to avoid complex discussions on orphan test records with your client. Using KeyLAB will ensure that data supplied to your client works in the environment they will be analyzing it in.

Maintaining client sample references is especially true if your client requires a data deliverable such as AGS.  Using KeyLAB will ensure that data supplied to your client works in the environment they will be analysing it in.

Disposal management

Sample storage can take a considerable amount of space away from your laboratory. Storing samples for the client is vital but without proper management it often means you are storing out of date samples or not charging your clients for storage.

The built in sample disposal system in KeyLAB ensures that the storeroom manager follows the correct procedure to gain client’s consent for disposal and is able to catalogue all samples due for disposal at any time.  The system will also allow you to identify the length of storage time for each project to enable you to compile any storage invoices.

The KeyLAB sample management system will keep your storeroom capacity efficient ensuring that you know where everything is, when to dispose of it and how much you should be charging your customers for sample disposal.

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