Save an hour a day drilling with KeyLogBook – A digital log book for drilling professionals

KeyLogbook provides a simple integrated solution for the production of fully compliant driller’s logs. It ensures the capture of essential data at source and eliminates the double handling of data, saving an hour each day and reducing the risk of data error.

Easy to follow formats guide the driller through the logging process from pre-start inspections to sample testing. The Eurocode compliant worksheet formats enable on-site production and printing of sample labels, reducing the delays caused by illegible labels and missing samples.

Data entry sheets are available for Rotary, Geothermal, Cable Percussion and Dynamic Sampling and follow workflows which ensure all data is logged. The data is safely stored on site and instantly converted into AGS data or PDF, allowing the user to send information back to the office or direct to the client.

KeyLogBook has been designed in conjunction with Equipe. To find out more about KeyLogBook, click the button below.


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Confidence in your data

• Complete and Eurocode compliant data
• AGS data available immediately
• PDF Exports of all entered data
• Data Validation to ensure correct results

Improved Control

• Project costing produced in real time
• Drilling instructions sent direct to device
• Production of accurate invoices
• Production of accurate measures

Improved Efficiency

• Efficient turnaround of logs and data
• Enables better informed decisions
• Rapid scheduling of laboratory testing
• Intuitive workflows


Reduce Delays

• No delays due to rescheduling or re-drilling
• No delays due to lost/missing samples
• Efficient turnaround of logs and data
• Easy to maintain chain of custody


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