Geotechnical data without boundaries is the next generation geotechnical data management platform providing unparalleled scalability and streamlined project collaboration throughout every stage of the geotechnical data journey.

Technology is advancing at an ever-increasing pace. There has been a paradigm shift over recent years and we have seen a surge in the adoption of cloud computing and mobile based technologies.

The introduction of these disruptive technologies provides new possibilities to transform the way we capture and analyse data and collaborate more closely, in an increasingly connected world.

The geotechnical data management platform comprises of three key services:

  • Storage Services – Fully configurable, secure and scalable cloud-based geotechnical data repositories
  • Connect API – Powerful geotechnical web services for data capture, analysis, reporting and integration
  • Web Portal – Provides lightweight access to core geotechnical data management tools via a simple web browser interface


Improve your project collaboration

Increase the efficiency, productivity and communication of your site investigation teams throughout all stages of the geotechnical data journey.

Access your organization’s geotechnical data anywhere, anytime, across multiple devices and applications and collaborate more closely with other companies throughout your supply chain.


Centralize your geotechnical knowledge

Information and data gathered from previous site investigations can provide a major competitive advantage. enables organizations to store their entire project archive including data, reports, photos, sketches and mapping in a single spatially aware, cloud-based geotechnical repository.

Future proof your geotechnical data

Organizations constantly envisage new ways to maximize the value of their geotechnical data.

By utilizing the Connect API, organizations have the freedom to build applications on top of the core platform, empowering them to create custom tools, interface with third party applications and integrate with enterprise workflows.


Stay in complete control of your data

By providing secure access to a single, central geotechnical data repository every member of the team can be confident they are using the most up to date version of the project data.

Teams are able to make more informed decisions and continually optimize ongoing site investigations as soon as data becomes available.


Meet changing workloads has been designed from the ground up using cloud technology to seamlessly scale to meet peak usage periods and support the geotechnical data requirements of even the most demanding site investigations.


A platform you can trust

High availability, automated backups, security compliance and data encryption is built into the infrastructure to ensure reliable and controlled access to your geotechnical data whenever and wherever you need it.

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