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The Keynetix Product Range

HoleBASE SI – Site Investigation Data Capture, Management and Presentation

HoleBASE SI is a state of the art geotechnical knowledge management system that will help you stay in control of your project data and enable quick and easy inclusion of geotechnical data within the BIM process.

HoleBASE SI’s unique features allow you to manage your data throughout the lifetime of a project and access historical information alongside your current project, transforming the way you archive and manage site investigation data. It allows you to produce fully customisable logs, reports, charts and interpretations of your data within seconds and is scalable to suit both small contractors and large multinational consultants.
HoleBASE SI’s extensions for AutoCAD® Civil 3D and Microsoft Excel® allow quick and easy inclusion of all your geotechnical data within the BIM process, CAD drawings and spreadsheets making the best use of the software and skills that your organisation already possesses.


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KeyLAB – Geotechnical Laboratory Management

KeyLAB is the leading laboratory management system built specifically for geotechnical and construction testing laboratories.

It improves a laboratory’s data efficiency at every stage of the geotechnical and construction testing process from sample and storeroom management, through to electronic scheduling, testing and reporting. Keynetix’s laboratory management software is designed to give laboratory managers a single system to manage their testing and reporting processes whilst enabling simple electronic transfer of data between consultants, contractors, clients and laboratories. This enables laboratories to remove duplication of data entry, saving time and reducing unnecessary typing errors.
Its clever integration with Microsoft Excel® allows you to easily customise worksheets and reports whilst staying in complete control of your laboratory data.

This unique feature allows you to quickly implement the system and reduce the learning curve for all staff to the point where most laboratories report a full Return on Investment (ROI) period of less than 6 months.


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KeyAGS – Data Checking, Validation and Transfer

KeyAGS is a powerful toolkit to assist in the creation, reviewing and checking of AGS data.

Small errors in your data can produce large errors in your reports but can be extremely difficult to find and correct. Ensuring that your data is correct before you pass it to a third party will improve your service to your clients and improve their ability to confidently analyse your data.

For example laboratories can check their AGS data format is correct before transferring it electronically to their clients. Consultants can receive data from their laboratory, check the format is correct and also check that what they received is exactly what they asked for. The data transfer process is streamlined, confidence rises and analysis improves.
KeyAGS gives everyone the chance to check their AGS data format, free of charge. Its big brother, KeyAGS Professional, enables users to create, import and export AGS data. Default templates for Borehole Logs, Dynamic Probes and Trial Pit data ensure that the correct fields are completed every time.

HoleBASE SI and KeyLAB include sophisticated data importers enabling users to directly import standards compliant AGS data.


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