Here at Keynetix, we have invested a great deal in ensuring that we have a range of great resources available to help you get the most of your software.


Transitioning from previous software can be very stressful, we aim to make the process as smooth and easy as possible.

Keynetix offer a service where they can migrate data between existing or new systems on your behalf, effectively causing minimum disruption.  Whether you are migrating from Keynetix software or another third party software, makes no difference, we can create the plan that works for you.

A plan will be written up for you and a team of experts will help you get the best out of your software investment.  An actionable plan with identified customer goals will be created on your behalf.  Thus ensuring you’re in safe hands throughout the entire process and helping to ensure a successful migration.


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Often, the biggest difficulty in getting up and running is getting the software installed, we can help by taking care of this for you.

By using our Implementation Plan Service, you can get your software installed and up and running in the most efficient way possible.  Our dedicated team of experts will help you put in place processes for efficiency; saving you both time and money.


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We can help you ensure that the software is setup exactly as you need it.

When moving over from older software, it is essential that you can get up and running as fast as possible. Once again, by allowing us to create an Implementation Plan on your behalf, we can configure your software to work effectively within your organization.  We can customize and configure settings to allow standardization across all users of the software.


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Template & Component Design

Our dedicated team have years of experience that you can call on to get your templates exactly as you need them.

If you don’t have enough time to re-design your templates then we can help you with this simple service. Just send us what you want your templates to look like, we will give you a fixed price and time scale and you can leave the rest to us! This usually equates to around half the internal cost of you doing it yourselves and will result in releasing your engineers to do their engineering work.

Just some of the components that we can help create and setup for you;

  • Borehole Log Templates
  • Laboratory Test Sheets
  • Siteplan and Section Templates
  • Data Transfer Mapping Files
  • AutoCAD Civils Components
  • Excel Extension Templates


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Data Management Review

One of our team of experts can be called upon to come and assist you in improving any part of your own data journey.

We can examine your data management processes, produce a report on how well your processes are working and advise how you may be able to make them more efficient.

This work takes a day at your site and should involve interviews with staff at all levels of the organization. This service usually pays for itself within 3 months.


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Want to find out more?

Trialing new software can be time consuming without a knowledgeable guide, that’s why we offer a unique evaluation experience tailored to meet your exact requirements. Get in touch to speak to a member of our team who can help you learn more about our software and assist you in maximizing the value of your Geotechnical data.


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