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    Upgrading from gINT Software – The Tale of Two Companies

    gINT Software Upgrade:- The secret to successfully upgrading your site investigation software is finding an external specialist that can help you make the journey painless and fast, so the return on investment is seen as quickly as possible.

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    How Geotechnical BIM Can Lead to Better Engineering

    Our April blog focused on the significant time and cost savings that can be realized by investing in geotechnical CAD and BIM. Our Geotechnical BIM cost calculator shows annual savings for geotechnical specialists can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

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    Is Excel Helping or Hindering your Geotechnical Laboratory Management and Information Management System?

    The complexity of geotechnical testing means it does not fit the traditional Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) approach. As a result, there are very few software packages available for geotechnical work; laboratory managers often resort to either using a LIMS designed for other types of testing or, more often than not, run their entire operation on Excel spreadsheets.

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    Uncovering the Hidden Benefits of Buying New Software

    Technology has moved on a great deal in the last five years and clients are increasingly demanding geotechnical data to be included in models and drawings. As a result, it is an ideal time for companies to review their software systems and practices.

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    5 Steps to Maximize your gINT and HoleBASE SI Geotechnical Data Archive.

    Companies often believe their historic project knowledge gives them competitive advantage but, at the same time, it makes it difficult for staff to access and use that information. Fortunately, there are five simple steps that can be taken to ensure the maximum benefit is gained from this valuable resource.

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    Combining geological modelling and BIM for infrastructure

    HoleBASE SI and AutoCAD Civil 3D help Atkins design a new tunnel under London’s River Thames. Transport for London (TfL)—the statutory authority responsible for most aspects of Greater London’s transport system—is planning a new road tunnel under the River Thames in East London.